Friday, November 2, 2007

i had to tell someone

All of his friends were there, many with gifts and surprises for him to be excited about. I know now that it was just a dream but for someone who rarely remembers his dreams it was all so real. We were celebrating my dad’s fifty-third birthday. He was serving chimichangas from behind a cook top bar. His face was full of smiles and life. The room wasn’t just filled with people it was filled with relationships, memories and love. The best part was that I saw his face again. He was talking and laughing. I handed him a gift and he said in the clearest voice I have ever heard “thanks son”. When I walked in the door he exclaimed “Curtis” as if it had been a while since he had seen me. My Mom was hugging him and whispering “happy birthday” in his ear. Koren was waiving Emmas hand for her to get gradpas attention. Kylie and Trent were restacking the gifts after Gavin knocked them over and Conor was handing out pepsi to all the guests. It was a birthday party ill never forget and with only twenty days till my dads real birthday in my dreams I have already started celebrating. I’m wide-awake now it’s one a.m. and I would give anything to fall back asleep.