Monday, September 17, 2007

found it!

it was in my backpack.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

oh ipod

When I was born I was given the ability to balance. This great accomplishment lead me to love things like surfing, skateboarding, dancing, walking on my hands, hoping on one foot, the hokie pokie, baking and JC penny catalog shopping (I became proficient at all). In elementary school I was particularly fond of using this gift of balance on a skateboard. While attending one of my sisters many tennis matches in October of 93 my skateboard was stolen right out from under my nose. I felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach six times and then tried to drown me in a bucket of my own tears while a second person was kicking me in the shin with cowboy boots on. I recovered from this experience and was completely over it when I got a new skateboard. Although I was over the hurt I knew I would never forget that feeling. I was reminded what that felt like late in 2006 when my truck was broken into and a number of things were stolen from me. This time I was able to pick my self up and dust of my shantz. I am still looking for an ash try that will fit a Toyota Tacoma 02-04 if anyone comes across one. I sit today with a hurting stomach and sore shins because it seems as though someone has stolen hundreds of hours of music and video along with family pictures and the calendar of my life for the next four months, oh and electronic sudoku. Yes the love of my life was black and shiny with a chrome back and an emblem that said 60Gig. You can probably guess that im am talking about my iPod. I am writing to make you all aware of a thief who likes to steal hours of enjoyment and precious memories. Also I would like to tell you all to protect the ones you love and guard them with your whole being. Goodbye weather girls, goodbye thiry hours of The Office, goodbye organization and mmm bop, goodbye thriller, bad and black or white, goodbye jude, penny lane and lets get it on, goodbye maceraina, goodbye who let the dogs out, goodbye demitri martin and it’s rainin men, goodbye walkin in Memphis, goodbye sandi patty and amygrant, goodbye temptations, goodbye biggie smalls and tupac R.I.P.