Friday, February 16, 2007


i found myself thinking today while i was sitting in the bathroom. the window happend to be open and i could hear the palm trees waiveing back and fourth and back and fourth. i thought it was a lovely sound, it reminded me of childhood also of bike riding. then i all the sudden felt free. so if i ever find myself stranded in prison. i will dream of swaying palm trees because that sound to me is the sound of freedom. however if i ever find myself stranded on an island i will dream of the sound of slamming prison doors cause i probably wouldn't do well with that amount of freedom.

Monday, February 12, 2007

revenge at last

i may have just wasted 9 min and 39 sec or i may have just spent the last 9 min and 39 sec finally getting the revenge i have been waiting for. i sit on mondays and do homework from sunup until sun down and then some. today my homework was interupted by a telephone survey but instead of hanging up like i usually do i chose to except the mission of trying to comprehend the mixed language of a woman who obviously blatently lied on her application when she was asked to mark the yes box if she was bilangual. according to the survey i just finished i am a forty eight year old hispanic female with seven children who all live in my house and are all over the age of twenty five. i also make less than twenty thousand dollars a year and am the only source of income in my household. i believe that the survey of seven questions could have been completed in less than three min (give or take a min for being unable to comprehend the lady on the other end) but i my friends have the ability to speak slowly with very long pauses while asking the lady to repeat the words stater brothers over and over. the reason why i am so proud of the phone canversation is because i not only wasted the time of the lady on the phone giving her false information about my life and where i do my grocery shoping but i also wasted the time of everyone who will get a copy of the survey results for review of how middle aged hispaic women spend thier time, money and food stamps. so take that survey lady. gracerosolace.

Monday, February 5, 2007

sprint with endurance

as you all know it is 2007 it is also the year of pig or dinghai. i wish i could say it is the year of dragon or something better but i cant. remember just because it is year of pig does not mean you can gain a ungodly amount of weight. more so i think we sould stay away from bacon also turkey bacon (i know turkey bacon is made from turkey but it taste awful so avoid). this should be a year of excersize we can all get together and run, snort, laugh, roll in mud and hoof-kick eachother. if you are unaware of what hoof-kicking is but would like to learn more go to take time this year to love live and create. gracerosolace